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Rosemary's first year of college consisted of study abroad touring the cathedrals of England as a soloist and singer in a renaissance a cappella group. She holds bachelor degrees in music therapy, a masters in vocal performance with additional doctoral studies, and a certificate of performance from the highly acclaimed Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia. She was a finalist in the Metropolitan National Auditions in 1984 and her operatic career was launched after a summer at the Santa Fe Opera in 1987. Her national and international operatic career lasted over a decade under the guidance of great teachers and vocal coaches.

In the late 1990's her burning desire to learn more about the singing voice drove her to pursue a masters in science in speech pathology. This fashioned her career as a voice specialist and she found herself in New York at the Grabscheid Voice Center with Dr. Peak Woo caring for injured professional voices. Eventually she returned to Philadelphia to manage the voice laboratory and provide therapeutic services at Philadelphia Ear Nose and Throat for both Dr. Robert Sataloff and Dr. Joseph Spiegel. But the capstone of her career in voice care was shaped by the 21 years of experience as a voice specialist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Presently Rosemary maintains a private practice and voice studio in Bryn Mawr, PA. She is a frequently invited speaker at many renowned medical conferences and music institutions. 

Now Rosemary enjoys managing her passions of performing, teaching, and helping other's find their voice.



Nicole Rene

American R&B
Singer and Songwriter

Philadelphia, PA

Rosemary is a phenomenal vocal coach and individual. She has a wealth of knowledge and after being under her tutelage for over a decade. I feel her methods are simply the way to sustain your voice and keep your chords in perfect condition. I can’t say enough about her. She is the best vocal teacher and friend any student could ever work with. Continual Blessing beyond measure.


Susan Sandler

Theatrical Public Speaker,

Clarity Strategist &

I came to Rosemary for singing lessons in hopes that I could get my singing chops back after a 30+ year hiatus! The stakes were high.  In several months I was to perform my one-woman show to a sell-out crowd and, not only were my singing chops “rusty”, but I had developed dysfunctional postural/breathing habits which made performing in general very challenging.  

With Rosemary’s expert guidance and support, I was able to perform like a pro!  In fact, I got a standing ovation.  AND Rosemary actually bought tickets to my show and was a huge support as I nervously waited in the wings to go on.  Rosemary is not only an amazing diagnostician, clinician and teacher, she has that unique gift that makes you feel warmed and safe and special right from the start.


Jessy Kyle

I had the pleasure of meeting Rosemary in 2005 when I started losing my voice. Surgery for vocal cord polyps was recommended. As a singer, I was very afraid that I would not be able to sing again or not at the same level, but Rosemary assuaged all of my concerns. Post surgery, I worked with Rosemary. She was incredible. Certainly she is a skilled  therapist, but her care and consideration as well as being a singer herself, makes her the perfect person for any vocal cord needs. I simply cannot say enough good things about Rosemary. I’ve had 2, subsequent surgeries and with Rosemary’s help, I'm in the best vocal form I’ve been in my entire life.
Thank you sincerely Rosemary.



Elizabeth Shammash

Basically, it's "R is the very very best, is a person of the utmost integrity, is at the top of her field, and you should hire her if you are WORTHY OF HER"
Rosemary is an extraordinary voice teacher. She possesses the perfect balance of gifts as both scientist and artist...she is a precise, exacting technician and an exquisite musician. She has great mastery of and sensitivity to building the vocal mechanism. In addition, she respects the total human being and is sensitive to the psychological and emotional stress of being a professional singer, the stress of vocal fatigue, injury and  rehabilitation. Rosemary has endless patience and compassion for the singer and the vulnerability involved in developing the voice. She is my most trusted vocal guide, and it's as if she knows my voice from the inside - she hears and everything and has helped me release so much unnecessary tension. I would not be where I am without Rosemary's guidance and support!


Jack Scott


Philadelphia, PA

I am a singer songwriter with a musical duo very active in the greater Philadelphia area, performing on average around nine shows per month. In January 2019 I unexpectedly and suddenly lost my singing voice completely. I visited my general practitioner and an ENT specialist but experienced no improvement.
On May 8, I started working with Rosemary who instructed me with aggressive voice exercises. I immediately experienced improvement. Within weeks I was able to resume vocals, often modifying the keys we previously used. We never missed a single performance. . In July I told my voice doctor I was no longer considering surgery.We've even returned to the recording studio and resumed work on our next recording, including my vocals.        
Rosemary has been a life saver for me. My music is critically important to me, and my situation before I met Rosemary was heartbreaking. I intend to continue to work with her, hoping to regain my previous range, and in any event to receive guidance from her for otherwise improving the quality of my singing voice.


Scott Marshall


Lehigh Valley PA

The last thing any professional singer wants to hear from a doctor is "you need surgery." I was in the middle or recording a new album. My surgery was complicated but with God's direction I found myself recieving new care from a highly respected doctor in Philadelphia. She suggessted immediate and intensive vocal therapy with Rosemary. There are no words to describe the level of care I recieved from Rosemary. She is the real deal. It's not just her instruction, but her. Not just what she knows and what she does, but who she is. If you want the best look no further. The doctors she knows and works with and her reputation among her peers as a professionsl speaks for itself. Bottom line: if you need direction or therapy, Rosemary is your gal.


Shirley Manson

I will be forever indebted to Rosemary Ostrowski for the empathetic guidance and support she so generously gave to me post-diagnosis of a vocal cyst on my right vocal fold and subsequent surgery. The success of my rehabilitation I most certainly attribute to both her vigilance and considerable skill. True Love Forever xxx.


Terri Hendrix

It's vocal yoga for the voice weary. My voice is my living. Through her coaching, she turned my vocal nodes around. She helped me to create better habits to prevent injury in the future. She did this with charm, wisdom, knowledge and encouragement.


Dito van Riegersberg

With her firm technical guidance, her personalized approach to instruction and her incredible sense of humor, Rosemary is the kind of teacher everyone should have. She is clear, concise, and so observant that she astounds me. She was invaluable in bringing me out of a vocal injury and helping me retrain myself to vocalize more confidently and safely. Thank you, Rosemary.


Rebecca Miller

I began seeing Rosemary in late 2005, and after just a few sessions I could easily see a marked improvement in my range, flexibility and also my ability to control my own voice. The great thing about Rosemary is that she teaches you what works for you, and not necessarily what works for her. She has a real gift for communicating what she wants from you in a way that is easy to understand, and therefore easy to execute. I consider finding Rosemary to be a real blessing. She has improved my confidence dramatically.


Jeff Kessler

Rosemary is a great teacher and person! She helped me through my rehabilitation after voice surgery and would check on my progress by coming to my rock gigs as well! Not many voice teachers do that, and that’s one of the things that make her so special. I am very grateful to Rosemary for her lessons and guidance in my singing career. Simply put, Rosemary is the best!


Chrissie Loftus

You helped me more than I can put into words... now my voice is vibrating the way it wants to. Thank you for saving my deepest passion... music.


Julia Othmer

When I first came to you, my voice felt so broken and tired. I was unsure about where my voice would go and it tarnished the thrill of performing, writing, and experimenting. You saved my ass. You have truly given me my voice.


Nicki Jaine

Rosemary has been so very committed to helping me explore my voice and performance style. This is such a priceless quality to have in a teacher, as many teachers are inclined to push a very specific way of approaching music on their students instead of giving them the kind of individualized attention Rosemary has given me. Her experience as a singer enables her to be an endless source of good advice and encouraging words. Working with her is absolutely wonderful. I am so happy to have found such a phenomenal teacher.


Kate Gaffney

Rosemary has a great way of cultivating the true potential of a singer's voice. Her belief in the power of the voice and her skill in guiding a singer to actualize that potential arise from her many years of experience singing, teaching other singers, and working with medical conditions associated with the voice. I trust Rosemary with my voice, and my voice is my life.

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