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How do I Sound?” : Decoding the Female Voice
Lecture at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital November 11, 2015
Rosemary Ostrowski, MM, MS CCC-SLP
People may have told you that your voice is too high, too loud, not strong enough, unprofessional, or even downright annoying. Our voice is our identity whether we are teachers, actors, singers or corporate CEOʼs. How we sound sometimes matters more that what we say. This presentation will explore the qualities of the female voice and itʼs evolution in the workplace

Women's Health Lecture

World Voice Day April 15, 2016
"Find Your Voice" 
A free lecture about Voice Care.  
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
952 Chestnut Street, 2nd Floor
April 15 2016, from 12-2pm.
Rosemary Ostrowski MM, MS CCC-SLP
Nora Whittaker Jones, MA, CCC-SLP 
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