Engaging, intensive group discussions and improvisation (hands on demonstration) exploring the physiologic and psychologic aspects of voice production in public speaking or vocal performance. 

C.V. provided upon request.


"What it means to sing contemporary music" Cantors Assembly Delaware Valley November 4th 2019.

Singers must be more versatile than ever to make a living. Crossing over to sing contemporary music requires stylistic and technical adjustments that are not common practice in classical singing style. Comparisons of the differing vocal styles and underlying physiology will be discussed in addition to tips for the most common issues that classically trained singers encounter in the transfer of technique to contemporary singing. 


Rising Song Residency Course December-February 2020 


The Rising Song Institute cultivates jewish spiritual life through song. It is a meeting place and creative incubator for creative musicians and prayer leaders who hope to reinvent the future of jewish spiritual music. 

Singing is a unique form of communication. It is large scaled and overtly emotional. Singing sets into motion and coordinates vast muscle structures of the vocal instrument and puts great physical demands on the singer; like a top athlete. Our desire to communicate is the reason for singing. It is easy to lose sight of what is important in singing when we concentrate too much on learning a new skill. The course format includes lecture and demonstration on "how the voice works" (anatomy and physiology) primal voice (communication), and vocal health and habilitation (maintenance and individual voice care planning). 

Voice Body Mind Healing Collaborative


I will be joining a group of practitioners from Providence Rhode Island who support the voice, body and mind through modalities such as voice and singing  therapy, body and trauma work, psychotherapy, and disciplines of Authentic Movement and Alexander Technique. Target clients include singers, actors and the general population. Michele Fava, a licensed and certified speech pathologist in Providence has created this unique collaborative. Her voice therapy techniques include traditional and hands on craniosacral technique for voice disorders. 

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